Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saudi Men Dresses

Saudi Men's Costumes 


Saudi men wear a full-length, loose garment with long sleeved called Thawb. The normal color is white. It is made from cotton or a a polyester mix. However, this color is commonly changed into darker colors such as brown, navy blue, black during the winter. Winter's thawb are made from wool. You Can see this Dress in Pictures.

Bisht or Mishlah

Mishlah is a traditional cloak worn by men on the top of the thawb. It is usually made from cotton or camel/sheep wool. In special occasions like wedding, the groom wears bisht over the thawb.

Taqiyah or Kufeya

It is a white cotton hat which is worn directly over the hair. Wearing the taqiyah keeps the Ghutrah or Shumagh form slipping off the head.


Ghutra is a square shaped cotton fabric. It is folded diagonally to form a triangular shape. When it is worn, Gutrah is also folded from the front.


Shumagh is the same as Ghutra. It is folded into a triangular shape and placed on the top of the head.


On the top of Ghutra or Shumag, doubled black rope-like cord called igal is worn in order to hold ghutra in place.

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