Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How You can Buy a Best and Affordable Smart Phone

Smart phones are really convenient to have due to the fact that they allow you have internet access all the time, you can check your emails, log in to Facebook, chat with others, etc. The spread of Smartphone is the key.  Smartphones, such as the iPhone/i Touch, Droid, Nexus One, and Blackberry have many computer like features, many with Touchscreens and  other very interactive features. Although many Applications are games, a growing number are helpful for students and for teaching and learning, such as download able databases of literary texts and schedule planners. There are Seven Important Features in a Smart Phone. You must Consider these Seven things, If you want to Buy a good and Affordable SmartPhone. More Detail is Below:


The operating system is the platform that runs your smart phone. Graph on the left shows main platforms and their global market share.


The App store is the online market from where you can download applications, games, etc.


Smartphones come with different sizes of built-in memory. Choose memory that suits your usage and keep in mind that some smartphones don’t have external memory card slot. If you plan to store a lot of apps, photos and videos go for bigger memory or smartphones with external memory card slots.


Most smartphones come with a touch screen without a physical keyboard. Screen size and resolution are important factors for your usage experience.


The front-facing camera allows you to do video calls while the rear camera is used to take photos and videos. Higher megapixel will generate better photo and video quality.


Make sure that you feel comfortable using your smartphone. Hold the phone and check how it feels in your hands.


Very important feature to look for when buying a smartphone is the warranty. Jarir Bookstore provides the best warranty in the market. A minimum of one year warranty is provided.

Other Features like GPS, Wi-fi, 3G+, Bluetooth and Processor are also for Considering.

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