Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apple iPod Touch Prices October 2012 Saudi Arabia

An iPod from Apple that is essentially an iPhone without the phone. It is Introduced in 2007, the first iPod touch models came with up to 16 GB of flash memory, later increased to 32 GB and now 64 GB. The touch broke away from the illustrious click wheel that helped make the iPod successful and replaced it with a touch screen interface and one physical button. In 2008, a thinner touch speaker was added to Control physical volume and increased battery life. In 2010, the 4th generation iPod touch made a big splash by adding front and rear cameras. In 2012, the 5th generation iPod touch adopted the same taller profile as the iPhone 5 with the higher quality Retina Display. Here are the new Prices of iPod Touch October 2012. These Prices are in Saudi Riyals.

Apple iPod Touch 64GB

Price: 1649 SR

Apple iPod Touch 32GB

Price: 1229 SR

Apple iPod Touch 32GB With Usb Power Adapter

Price: 1199 SR

Apple iPod Touch 8GB

Price: 819 SR

Apple iPod Touch MC540ZP/A

Price: 799 SR

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